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Welcome to Institutional Research & Teaching Development Center


In 2008, The Center for Teaching and Learning Development was established to support the “Excellent Teaching and Productive Research” initiative and to encourage the overall excellence of learning. The Center is committed to improving and upgrading the teaching capacity of teachers in CTUST.

The Center’s mission is to enhance CTUST’s overall teaching quality by integrating the university’s teaching resources. It also seeks to create an innovative and lively learning environment for faculty and students by hosting workshops, providing consultations, promoting digital teaching, and conducting research on curriculum reform.

In order to meet the challenges of the higher education market, the University will use the complete information intelligence as the basis for school development, teaching and learning decision-making, and resource planning.

The Center was renamed as the Institutional Research & Teaching Development Center on August 1, 2016.Through the promotion and implementation of school affairs research, the Center will help the school to formulate an effective strategy for school improvement and teaching so as to enhance the school management professional ability and the school's ability to achieve sustainable development.